Microsoft stop being wishy washy.

Microsoft stop being wishy washy.  We complain that the MAPS program is too lax so you make to so that folks have to take an assessment.  An online assessment.  One that you don’t even have to go to a certification place for. 

Tonight I read this:

Why is the assessment requirement suspended for renewing subscribers?
While the Microsoft Partner Program works to provide a more streamlined renewal process, we have suspended the assessment requirement for eligible renewing Microsoft Action Pack subscribers. Expect the assessment requirement to be reinstated in late 2009.

Get your database in order.  Get your rear in gear and be consistent.  Enough is enough.  Stop being wishy washy and enforce the Action pack so that it doesn’t end up in the hands of folks that shouldn’t have it. 

4 Thoughts on “Microsoft stop being wishy washy.

  1. Rosewood on May 23, 2009 at 12:59 am said:

    Just curious — why does anyone care what anyone else does in terms of being a registered partner and having an Action Pack?

    The quizzes were never a deterrent to abusing the system, so why bother? Is it the whole cleaning up after someone else’s mess factor here? or the I paid for my stuff so everyone else should too thing?

    But then again, I never cared if someone else cheated on a test I studied hard for because I studied for me, not for some sense of fairness. I don’t care if someone else pirates software and I paid for it. I paid for it because that is the right thing to do. But that is just me.

  2. Joe Raby on May 23, 2009 at 2:55 pm said:

    How about actually bringing the Action Pack out as an online offering!

    I mean, we already had the survey about delivery options…

  3. Mark on May 24, 2009 at 10:32 am said:

    I agree, just mind your own business.

  4. Mark Hendy on June 12, 2009 at 11:31 am said:

    Well MAPS is now being delivered via an online delivery option, except this is not an option.

    I ordered and paid for my new subscription in March 2009, when the delivery mechanism was still 4 quarterly shipments … that is what I was offered on the website, in the ordering process and confirmed by email once I paid the requisite amount.

    MS lost the order and now in June I am furious to find that the shipments I ordered and paid for will not be arriving, and I will instead have to download everything I want to use online, or opt to pay an addtional fee for the service products I thought I had already paid for in March.

    I’m not impressed with what on the website is promoted as a “pricing update”, when I find actually it is a “product update”. I pay for product A and get product B which is less.

    Having spent some time in email and on the phone to the MAPS call centre (in Germany), I am now no longer not impressed, but furious at the manner and attitude of the staff handling this.

    I realise the benefits of online downloading, but for me and my very small company we do not have time or resource to waste on babysitting multiple downloads and CD/DVD burning.

    Not wanting to sound like a child, I want what I paid for!

    And I want MS staff to respect that and not treat me on the phone like a 3rd world begger, or worse a software pirate, who should be lucky to get whatever they chose to give me for such a cheap price.

    Maybe MS should appreciate better the indirect business from my clients as a result of the tools and skills I buy with MAPS.

    Mark Hendy

    PS in UK law as I understand it, I’m sure that once an offer is made and accepted, and money has changed hands that forms a contract of sale. Am I correct? If so, are MS in breach of contract?

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