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Watch your keypunching sometimes Do-do brain me miskeyed a DNS entry.  As Michael Hoffman pointed out, I typed in the wrong entry.  Just goes to show you to double check such things. OpenDNS’s forwarders are and  gawd I have a mental block What it should look like. And it does resolve I’ve also seen folks […]

Are you a fan of Essential Business Server?

Are you a fan of Essential Business Server?  Want to become one?  Want to know more about EBS?  Check out their Facebook fan page — And then don’t forget to follow the EBS blog — the EBS newsgroups, the EBS forums in the Partner forums,  the EBS FAQ and the virtual EBS user group.

So how much is it for a plane ticket to Australia?

Microsoft gives TechEd delegates Windows 7 netbook – Software – Technology – News –,microsoft-gives-teched-delegates-windows-7-netbook.aspx Not to sound like sour grapes, which of course I do sound like sour grapes, but for the USA version of TechEd, they lay off Steve Riley the week before, cancel the TechEd party, cancelled the certification exam testing site, the […]

How to flip your SBS 2008 to forwarders The Official SBS Blog : Cannot resolve names in certain top level domains like DNS Service seems to hang in SBS2008: When you set up SBS 2008 one of the defaults it takes is root hints, but as you can see by some of those threads, in some DNS locales, […]

Virtualization in the SMB

So Dave Sobel emailed and said that he set up a new listserve specfically for topics in virtualziation…. Friends: So based on requests, Evolve and are launching a yahoo group for discussion of SMB related virtualization scenarios, etc.   The intention is to build a resource for technical and sales information, much like some of […]

So what other apps have you found that aren’t quite 64bit ready?

Russ’ comment reminded me that we do have some apps out here that aren’t 64bit ready…. Not supported on 64bit:UPS: UPS WorldShip 2009 System Requirements: Is supported but indicates you may have issues… Lacerte Professional Tax Software – 64-bit Platform FAQ: Flat out won’t be supported on SBS 2008… So what other apps […]

So we just want "a" phone

Coding Horror: The iPhone Software Revolution: So someone at my office wants a phone.  Not a iPhone.  Not a PalmPre.  Not a Windows mobile.  A phone.  One that will just take a cable and sync with her calendar on those occasions she wants that.  But she doesn’t want a data plan.  She doesn’t want […]

Top topic means top for the bad guys too

Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him – As every TV station tonight has a Jackson tribute, as CNN states that the Internet was broken by the story, as even Google thought a virus had this the web and unsubstantiated rumors of deaths of other celebs, only to be quashed as untrue by other […]

So how do I upgrade from x86 to x64?

Let’s say you have Vista 32bit… or XP 32bit for that matter… is there a direct path from x86 (32bit) to 64 bit?  Not exactly. Microsoft says… Cross-architecture in-place upgrades (for example, x86 to x64) are not supported. But when you deploy XPMode on top of Windows 7 64bit you do end up with a […]

Just have a backup

  Hi, Diva Susan,I read ‘The dreaded “Stuck on update 3 out of 3″ issue’ in your “The correct way to install Vista Service Pack 2″ item today.   Unfortunately, the MS terror is not limited to Vista SP2 and IE8.I got the daily dreaded popup from the June 2009 “Cumulative Update for Media Center for […]