When working with the default SBS 2008 firewall… don’t click on that button for “Restore defaults” as you will find that it will not put back the Exchange ports you need.

So if you are looking for an example of what’s supposed to be there… I have attached some spreadsheets of the default policies on a cleanly built box.

The raw firewall policy here — http://msmvps.com/media/p/1693770.aspx (please note that Exchange is on the local C: drive in this raw clean policy)

An excel spreadsheet of what the inbound policy is — http://msmvps.com/media/p/1693771.aspx

An excel spreadsheet of what the outbound policy is — http://msmvps.com/media/p/1693772.aspx

Use these links instead:




Use this link instead:

FirewallFileszipped up



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