Virtualization in the SMB

So Dave Sobel emailed and said that he set up a new listserve specfically for topics in virtualziation….


So based on requests, Evolve and are launching a yahoo group for discussion of SMB related virtualization scenarios, etc.   The intention is to build a resource for technical and sales information, much like some of the other groups out there, but allowing a specific focus on using virtualization in the SMB.  We’ll be linking material off the website too and helping consultants get information they need.

I’m doing something of a “soft” launch, not hitting the lists, but instead inviting the smart folks I know out there to join in.   Please feel free to join us – lots of smart people here who can really help others.

Would love to have you join us!   Feel free to forward to anyone you think would benefit or be a great participant.


Dave Sobel
Evolve Technologies

So I asked him if it was okay to blog this and he said yes.  So how about we not make this a ‘soft’ launch, but make it a big one.  IMHO virtualization is a key wow-ness of SBS 2008.  And with XPMode in Windows 7, you’ll be doing and supporting virtualization from servers to workstations.  If you aren’t prepared you should be.

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