Twitter hack raises questions about ‘cloud computing’

Twitter hack raises questions about ‘cloud computing’ –

The twitter hack doesn’t raise questions about cloud computing, it raises questions about how sucky of passwords we choose.  I realized today on many of the web sites I go to, that I end up clicking through the reset password because I’ve forgotten the web site or I’ve forgotten to write it down.  That’s dumb on my part.

Do you know how many password keeper programs there are in the iPhone app store?  On a device that many don’t like to put a number passlock on it in the first place? 

We still have a huge problem with passwords.  We’re not educating people on the use and good choices of passwords.  And when we do go all up on the cloud like all our vendors do, we will have to stop getting away with these choices of “password” and lack of accountability and secure it with better passphrases.  As i log into things on my Sister’s iphone (like the wireless AP at home) and it annoys me that I picked caps, letters and numbers because I have to bounce around the dang keypad so much, we reinforce or encourage sucky passwords. 

One Thought on “Twitter hack raises questions about ‘cloud computing’

  1. indy on July 17, 2009 at 1:15 am said:

    I use keypass and a 30+ character password + a key file + I added 4 minutes worth of salt. I don’t know the vast majority of the passwords, heck, even usernames I make random. I would never store passwords to anything important on a mobile device.

    I would never join a social network site, and I’m considering bailing on google, I simply am slowly losing trust in having a third party hold my communication, period.

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