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New uses for Logmeinfree

Ugh.  Yes that’s the current temperature at nearly 7p.m. pacific in Fresno.

I have a virtual XP that I use for programming our older Pronto Remote.. but it’s upstairs… on a computer that’s in the warmer second floor.  Down here on the first floor of the house where the cool air is, is where I want to stay.  So what’s a girl geek to do?

hmmmm I could open up RDP on that virtual PC… or I could  install Logmeinfree on the virtual XP.  Then I can be down here in the cool downstairs and still access and do what I need to do up on the computer that’s in the hotter part of the house.


  • #   Rob Allison on 07.19.09 at 12:52 pm     

    why not just use Tight VNC on the box rather then relying on an external third party just to gain access to a system within your own network. I have some issues with other people holding login rights to my system and I would think that using an in house solution would give a more reliable offering as it is not reliant on an internet connection to work.

  • #   Angus S-F on 07.19.09 at 11:18 pm     

    I would use VNC for this and keep all my traffic inside my LAN instead of sending it out and back.

  • #   bradley on 07.20.09 at 12:31 am     

    But that’s the thing, I was able to work on it while in a airport waiting for a delayed flight. Sometimes you do want it outside the traffic of the lan. If you are inside the lan, just use rdp.

  • #   Rich Lusk on 07.20.09 at 7:23 am     

    You’re not using SBS or Home Server? I’m surprised.

  • #   bradley on 07.20.09 at 8:32 am     

    I do but this is a non domain joined vmware workstation running XP. Ergo why doing logmein is the easier way to get remote access to it.

  • #   Rob Allison on 07.21.09 at 9:46 am     

    You should have said something about the airport in your original post as it just seemed like a shameless plug for Logmein. Logmein has its uses i guess I’m just a little paranoid about a third party having access to my systems. And then there’s the fact that they may go down and then you’re stuck somewhere with nothing. I would believe you would be just as happy with a self built solution as you would be with this third party one. If you have the SBS and/or the Home Server then I really don’t see a use for the Logmein. RDP -> SBS -> VNC -> Workstation it’s an extra step but it’s one you can count on working even when Logmein does not.