My Dad has been using Win7 and also Bing and today he says to me “that bing is pretty good.  In some cases it’s better than Google”.

So knowing that I had not impacted his opinion in any way, and his was mere use of the platform based,  I asked him “what cases?” and he said when he’s doing legal or tax research he’s using bing.  Of interest is that even in my own firm we are not using the ‘pay for’ tax research as the first line of tax research.  The proprietary for pay tax research platforms lack in search capabilities and we’re finding that using the plain internet and a search engine is getting us just as good if not better resources that we’d find in our closed tax research databases.

I’m not ready personally to give bing the full thumbs up mainly because it doesn’t have a search engine for Usenet that Google has via it’s Google groups interface, but Google is not the search engine it once was. 

It’s also starting to get a buzz in other ways.  —  Fake bing Tshirts Bing in New Orleans Steve Ballmer and ping

One Thought on “The bing buzz

  1. indy on July 18, 2009 at 3:49 pm said:

    May be the case in the accounting industry, but in the legal industry, this just isn’t the case, and companies like Westlaw still have the market fairly well covered. Patent search on google patents isn’t anywhere near perfect, in fact there is no perfect single source when it comes to patent search, we have to use a variety of sources.

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