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Is the business model of free a wise business model? Is the business model of free a wise business model? I’m not sure this is a wise move….. “Microsoft is another example ofsmart use of the free model, saysAnderson. The company protestedquietly but took little legal actionwhile its Windows operating systemwas widely pirated in China. Microsoftexecutives were betting that eachpirated copy of the […]

guess where?

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Don’t forget to run the SBSBPA! Don’t forget!! If you get the blue check or grey bar in WSUS — which is where something gets changed from the needed settings and turns off the SBS integration (it’s really not “broken” in my sense of the word broken since this is an easy fix), all you have to do as well […]

Is this too cool or what?

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The post WSUS 3 sp2 process

When you install WSUS 3 sp2 on your SBS 2003 r2 or SBS 2008 after you click finish the post install wizard will launch.  There are two ways to handle this. Way one.. Hit cancel and the update will pick up the prior settings.  Way two — double check the settings From Karen Christian I […]

100% foolproof way to apply patches and ensure that they never ever have issues…

…doesn’t exist.  Anytime you make any sort of changes you introduce risk.  But the question you have to ask and decide is when the benefits of the patch outweigh the risks of the patch. One person’s patch pain does not mean that you will see it too.  One server’s patch pain does not mean you […]

You going to be in Las Vegas this year? Monday is the cut off for the early bird discount at SMBNation.  In full fairness, I get comped to go.  But I’m on the topic committee so if you don’t think it’s geeky enough for the Geekspeak track, please tell me so. We have me, Dana Epp, Olliver Sommer on Windows 7 […]

How to get shared docs showing up in OWA

(keep in mind this works for Exchange 2007/SBS 2008, apparently Exchange 2010 doesn’t do this) To allow your RWW to have file access out OWA, go into the Exchange 2007 console… Exchange Management Console – Server Configuration – Client Access — Bottom pane, first TAB; Outlook Web Access —- Listed should be owa(Default Web Site); Right-Click, […]

Getting Server 2008 sp2 on your SBS 2008

When you are manually installing Windows 2008 sp2 to your server and you want to MU it on (using Microsoft or Windows update), it will not show up until you have hidden or installed all other Important updates.  The problem is, if there is an Exchange one you aren’t ready to deploy….. it won’t hide […]

Windows needs to be restarted so necessary changes to system files can be made before continuing revised: You remember that post?  Forget the idea that it was due to a dvd player or anything like that.   Saw it on another laptop tonight… Someone told me to check a registry key to see if something was left behind in the pendingfilerename section…  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager Bingo.  That’s what nailed me.  Now to figure […]