Sometimes the error messages you get on a server point you in exactly the spot to debug something.   Working on the blog up here for the last few years has gotten me more used to dealing with XML files and what not and in each SBS 2008 is an XML file you might want to learn more about. 

It’s called applicationhost.config and it’s located at c:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationhost.config. 

Tonight in the partner forums someone hit an issue that pointed to a specific line in this file.  This is also a prime plug as to why you want to ALWAYS have at your disposal a Virtual PC/HyperV/or VMWare version of SBS 2003 and SBS 2008.  So that at any point in time you can compare an “in production” box to a clean one.

Like did you know the section on httpcompression actually calls for a dll from WSUS?  So for those of you that use a third party patching tool and uninstall WSUS, if that doesn’t cleanly uninstall, you may jeopardize your running web sites. I uploaded my raw, clean, VMware copy of my applicationhost.config file so you can see what it does.  Open it up in notepad and scroll around.  The good news is that these get backed up with shadow file copies… but it wouldn’t hurt opening up one (after making a copy of it of course) and just seeing how each of your SBS 2008 servers compare to one another.

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