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Too much, too little, maybe just right?

For the past two years since we started rolling out Vista, I’ve felt like Goldilocks.  I can’t find an antivirus software I like.  Trend was my choice until it started putting a firewall in there that made it not quite right.  Then I was testing out Nod32 and it nearly was my choice until it […]

Happy Halloween

Tonight to answer the door of the trick-or-treaters I’m answering the door as Danica Patrick’s older, less sexy, sister that is a Mini Cooper race car driver. Okay so it’s a stretch, I’ll admit, but with a Mini Cooper racing shirt and a black wig, what do you expect? I’m also remoting back into the office […]

Migration Step Two: On the Source server, make sure the Active Directory is healthy

F. On the Source server, make sure the Active Directory is healthy. If there is only one DC, make sure the SYSVOL and NETLOGON shares are present. Also, check the File Replication Service event log to see if it is in Journal Wrap. The event below is an example of what to look for. Event […]

Check out my pumpkin!

Check out my pumpkin! Well look at the bright side.  There’s no icky disgusting azure and silverlight seeds to scoop out and throw away now is there?

Migration Step One: On the Source server, run the SBS 2003 BPA

We’re going to start doing some scans on a SBS 2003 to make sure we’re ready to go for migration. We’re going to take all of these tips mainly from here: whcih resolves to  And this — So first tonight we’re going to run the SBSbpa on the box and go through item […]

>>> NEW TOOL: Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer <<<:

>>> NEW TOOL: Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer <<<: Announcing the release of Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer for Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010:   Client connectivity and inbound email scenarios make up a significant portion of the Exchange support calls.  This tool will allow you to remotely test the following client types and […]

Should Exchange 2007 sp2 should be installed on a SBS 2008 box?

So I got a question today as to whether or not Exchange 2007 sp2 should be installed on a SBS 2008 box. And I said: 1. there’s an icky KB you have to work through2. it breaks the sbs sites without the kb3. IMHO it doesn’ add any value (the Exchange backup we already have)4. […]

Can’t see your tax software help files on Win7?

How to fix an application that isn’t working after 05-026 – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS “DIVA”: rolling out a new workstation (Win7) our tax software wouldn’t show the help file.. I had forgotten that I’d disabled the group policy on the server for some reason on this. Fortunately I remembered the easy […]

So what about those action pack licenses? So the bigger and more important question is …what about the action pack license that was allowed to be purchased by CPAs as a result?  Are they still licensed?  Can they renew?  Can they keep the licenses or do they have to buy all new Server and OS licenses to make themselves legal?  [notice […]

MPAN program closed

Dear valued MPAN member:  We are writing to let you know that Microsoft® Office Accounting will no longer be distributed by Microsoft after November 16, 2009. As such, MPAN membership will also be closed to new members effective November 16, 2009 and the complimentary download of Office Accounting Professional 2009 and the Office Accounting Customization […]