One of the issues I mentioned at SMBnation this weekend was the issue one has when you attach a Vista or Win7 to a SBS 2003 network.  If you leave the login script in place, your Win7’s and Vista’s will throw off a UAC prompt as they first log into the network.

In the handouts that should have been on the USB flash drive handed out (which I can’t find in my bag so hopefully it was in yours) is a document I’ve done on how to attach a Windows 7 to a SBS 2003.  

Download the doc from here

(if you have the “google docs” like plug in that works but if not try this link —

SBS Login script – adjust it (rem it out) to stop the initial UAC prompt on log in for Vista workstations

While SBS support recommends that the SBS login script stays as is, I have REM’d it out. This ensures that as my Vista/Windows 7 workstations boot up they do not get a UAC prompt. I have not found that REMing this script line out makes a difference to my workstations. I also have REM’d out the Trend antivirus line as in the 3.5/3.6 era it works better without this. You could also filter this by OS, but I’ve not found that remā€ing out hurts anything in my network.

 Enable Remote Registry Service to enable remote management of Windows 7

In order to remotely manage and look at the event logs from the server, ensure that you go to the workstation and change the Remote Registry Service from manual to automatic and start the service. (Yes I’m sure I could do this via group policy but I haven’t automated this yet)

Connect computer tip:

Just like with XP, make sure that you add the http://domain/connectcomputer link to the trusted sites in IE in order to be able to run the connectcomputer wizard.

While you’ll get the faster smbv2 goodness if you have a Win7+SBS 2008, attaching a Win7 to a SBS 2003 is nearly identical of an experience with a Vista workstation.

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  1. Susan… The doc is missing from the download link.

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