The scariness of on premises

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Since someone is once again taking pot shots at CPAs who are supposedly deathly afraid of cloud solutions [and since that’s my cue to earn my MacBook from Vlad], sometimes even on premises solutions scare one a bit.

Take for example my HyperV beast I just set up where I want the full GUI on the outside of the HyperV because I want to run HP’s insight manager software to alert me upon impending doom of raid failures and what not.

So I install the software and it wants an account to set up the database.  Okay, let’s use another account and not THIS account I say.  So stupidly I set up ANOTHER administrator account and then have to go into the SQL config to allow that second user to have rights in SQL before the installer will set up the database.  And then it says

Hmmm.. okay… I just built in a security dependency where there’s a service running on that box that has rights on there that I may do not want.  Needless to say I’ll be going back again and trying to see if that process/service will run as a user, and not as an admin.  How many more of these decision trees along the way build in chinks in the armors of our on premises servers?  Conversely what are the decisions being made by the cloud vendors?  If they run HP, what account rights have they selected at that point in the process?  What other decision trees have been made along the way?  Not all of this is exposed by an audit or in a SAS 70 report.

But that said… so I earn my Macbook commission for the month, for the record, Vlad, it’s not that I hate cloud, rather my apps won’t go up there at this time, and I need an on premises server.

Those apps need an on premises Exchange.  I’ve done the research and pick the cloud where it makes sense for my business.  I can’t when my apps aren’t up there or don’t support up there.

Not all of us live in a Google browser world you know.

One Thought on “The scariness of on premises

  1. I hate HP’s insight manager. The code is WAY to complicated and buggy. It’s like it was programmed by someone who writes software for mainframes instead of small servers.

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