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Okay so what KSOD?

I’m not saying that there isn’t historical issues with the black screen of death (aka KSOD) that Mark Crall probably lost a few dents in his head to a few months back, but tonight as the Techmeme articles are parroting the “Latest Microsoft Patches cause black screen of death”, I’m asking …okay are all of […]

Fixing a bit of WMI

So if some of your workstations are not showing up properly in the SBS 2008 Computers console, here’s what I did to fix all of my truant ones. Event ID 10016 Source DCOM: my case I went into Dcomcnfg.exe Then I went under component services, computers, my computer, dcom config, then found the 49BD2028-1523-11D1-AD79-00C04FD8FDFF […]

I felt naked….

And now I’m not ….. Now protecting the RWW access (especially for the administrator account)… And the cool thing is that I can now use iPhones and Windows mobile phones to be portable softtokens I’ve also added the protection to the RDP access to the server so that it’s not open.  Mind you I already […]

If you are looking for automation…

Windows Small Business Server 2008 from SBS 2003 R2 | Loz’s ALITs Blog: For the migration scenario from Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 to Windows Small Business Server 2008, a manual migration will be required. More information will be provided in the future. “Exactly who’s future is that then? Do we have to […]

Dcom was unable to communicate with the computer

EVENT # 15343 EVENT LOG System EVENT TYPE Error OPCODE Info SOURCE Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM EVENT ID 10009 COMPUTERNAME   SERVER DATE / TIME   11/28/2009 8:36:23 PM MESSAGE DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer ANOTHERSERVER.DOMAIN.lan using any of the configured protocol So when you put another server on the network and just set it up for […]

Flipping to MU

When you set up ANY computer, be it a workstation, server, whatever, you want to flip from Windows Update to Microsoft Update. In Windows 2008/Vista/Windows 7 there’s a tiny little section you need to click on to get it to flip.   Which then brings up the web page to opt into Microsoft update. Even […]

Adding another server to your SBS 2008

When you add a member server to your SBS 2008 you will notice that it adds itself as a workstation. You have to go into active directory users and computers, find the MyBusiness OU, then go to the SBSComputers OU and move the Server that’s listed in the SBS computer section over to the SBSServers […]

A list of default manufacturer passwords

Ever go into a new place and don’t know what the password is for a device like a printer or something like that? Default passwords list – Select manufacturer: for them on that web site.  

Burflags and Journal wrap

One of the key “this will nail you EVERY migration you attempt” is the Journal Wrap.  And I’ve seen a lot of folks in the SBS world with a journal wrap error. Fortunately it’s an easy fix.  You literally read the KB article that it points to and voila, it fixes the journal wrap error. […]

Tweaking group policy for RWW

One of the group policy tweakages I’ve done is to have it so that when someone connects via RWW that the desktop background they have on their office machines get’s blanked out.  With Vista and Win7 and the nice (heavy graphical) wallpapers people have chosen slows down the remote web workplace screen. So just go […]