[Note: if you are wondering why the mailbox I am showcasing has the name of Chris Almida and that name is kinda familiar he’s the Migration PM and I have a test mailbox on the server with his name]

The funky thing about the move mailbox command is that it sits there for a while and then all of a sudden a bunch of mailboxes move over.

Now obviously a test mailbox doesn’t have much, he had a 3,820 KB mailbox and that moved over in 33 seconds.

Looks to be about 10 gigs an hour, give or take a bit?

If you go back to the SBS 2003 box, into the Exchange manager, then into the first administrative group and the mailbox store, you’ll see the last logon and logoff times and you’ll see the SBS account logging into the systems.

Keep in mind here that permissions do not get moved over so if you have any Send on behalf settings, you’ll need to redo this.

This is where your eseutil will come in handy and hopefully has caught a lot of the corruption.

Reference for Common Eseutil Errors:

Once again from the Overton book (and you should do this BEFORE the move mailbox step.

Just remember do this BEFORE you move the mailboxes to catch that potential corruption.

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