So at the office I’ve been doing a dry run of the migration and the resulting migrated SBS 2008 is sitting as two vhd files on a HyperV server.  So I went to Office Depot, bought a small usb powered 500 gig drive, turned off the SBS 2008 running in HyperV, copied it to the hard drive.  Brought it home, connected it to the HyperV at home, browsing to the external usb drive locations for the hard drives.  I then booted the box.  Mind you the box at the office has different nics, different hardware but no bsod was seen.  Now think about this.  Next time you need to test patches, think how easy it is to make a copy of that production server and test ahead of time.

One Thought on “No excuse anymore

  1. Hey Susan,

    Check out htis tool on my blog. You are going to love it for this scenario:

    Hyper-V: Disk2vhd Free Physical Disk Conversion tool

    and Also this blog post which talks about R2 and Windows 7 native support for VHD.

    Best Kept Secret – VHD Native Support in Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7

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