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Exchange 2007 sp2 on SBS 2008

When you install Exchange sp2 on a SBS 2008 any issues you hit will not be because of SBS or unique to the SBS tool but stuff you would hit regardless of the installation and are pure Exchange issues. For example… one that Nick Whittome hit during his testing was an error that he got […]

Exchange sp2 wrapper tool is out on the download site

TAKE A GOOD BACKUP FIRST Download details: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2 Installation Tool: Keep in mind any SP2 installation issue that Exchange box might normally hit (and I’ll blog later about the ones I’ve seen the normal Exchange folks hit) you may hit regardless. It takes an hour to download the sp2 It […]

TSGateway and domain credentials

One of my users that has XP as a remote machine was saying that they couldn’t log into RWW.  They would get to the TS Gateway and enter in the information and it would say that they were getting a bad password.  So I fired up a virtual XP to see if I could walk […]

What are we doing to ourselves?

We’ve built a beast.   Or building a beast.  We’ve built a business model (or lack thereof) that is destroying content. With the Christmas holidays I missed the announcement that Brian Krebs was leaving Washington Post.  Another really good source of information from the traditional media that is now no longer at the place it used to be.  […]

Consumer Electronics Show

Microsoft at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 Virtual Pressroom: we close out the old year, the new year and the Consumer Electronics Show is right around the corner. For whatever reason I didn’t realize it was next week.  We’ll see what press comes out of next week.  Looks like Apple is planning an […]

So I’m closing out the year still without access to the MVLS web site So I’m closing out the year still without access to the MVLS web site and I know from others posting that they are in the same condition. Granted OEM software distribution sucks (like we’ve had two Windows 7 consumerish newly purchased computers arrive and neither one had true media and you had to burn […]

Why keeping your clients’ data private and secure matters

Event Details: STATUS: OPEN Date: Friday, January 08, 2010 Time: 12:00 – 2:00pm (Registration at 11:40 ) Facility: TBA Area: Webcast CPE Credit: 2.0 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Instructor: Susan E. Bradley NASBA Subject Area: Computer Science Delivery: Group Internet-Based Course Level: Beginning Fee: $0 CalCPA Members, $99 Nonmembers This FREE for CalCPA members […]

Setting up a Member Server Group Policy

I’ve done this twice now and it annoys me every time I do it. I set up a server in a SBS 2008 domain.  I join it to the domain.  It initially goes into the SBScomputers OU that has a prebuilt group policy to allow for remote desktop and firewall exclusions for remote desktop.  I […]

Don’t forget to flip

Just a reminder when setting up a new server don’t forget to flip the box.  When you go to scan for updates click on that little “Find out more” and flip it over to Microsoft update.  This ensures that you will get updates for all of the products on the box not just the operating […]

Distribution group issue on migrated groups

This hit me today.  One of my old migrated distribution group lists wouldn’t work and when I went to edit them I got a ‘Validation Error This field cannot be empty’ when I tried to edit the members of the distributions groups. Found the solution in the SBS 2008 newsgroups: 1. Open adsiedit.msc and connect […]