Introducing the Two factor/AuthAnvil Emergency Power Flashlight!


So when you have a power outage at the office and you forgot to test your rechargable flashlight batteries and they are all now dead, dying or don’t have much juice left, what’s a gal to do to be able to check the server room and ensure that the computer battery backups that ARE working properly and keeping all the computers and network servers up are properly shutting down the network properly?

Use your AuthAnvil password token app to be an instant flashlight is what she does!

As it’s the app on the phone with the most “white” background and thus makes for a great instant flashlight when the power goes out!

Thanks Dana!  Another use for the two factor authentication solution provided by  Not just two factor authentication but instant flashlight for power outages!

One Thought on “Introducing the Two factor/AuthAnvil Emergency Power Flashlight!

  1. ha ha cool!

    On one of my old old Nokia phones I installed a flashlight application

    All it literally did was make the screen go white – was very effective though!

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