IE Skype add on a little bit on the buggy side

So I was helping someone with an IE that was a bit buggy and getting stuck and I asked them what did they last load up before it started freezing up … and they said “Skype”.


And sure enough Skype had added an IE add on that once we removed it, IE stopped freezing up.

I know these programs mean well, but it’s annoying when they cause more problems.

3 Thoughts on “IE Skype add on a little bit on the buggy side

  1. That’s funny. Had an issue with the number highlighting a few years ago with Skype and a web based application that only ran in IE.

    Guess they still haven’t worked it out.

  2. Both the Skype IE Addon and the Google Toolbar addon can also strip IFRAMEs of their content, making some web pages difficult to read.

  3. This one bit me on a number of machines. It will appear almost every time you close an IE window or tab. Windows reports that IE was halted “unexpectedly”. Once I removed the Skype add-on all those irritating prompts went away.

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