Enabling mapped drives for Sharepoint

One of the things when migrating is to soften the blows of change.  Today thanks to Oli of www.ebsfaq.com I softened another one.

We used to map drives to SharePoint in Windows XP.  In Vista and Windows 7 it’s not as obvious how to do that.  Once you figure out the trick it’s a duh moment.

Go to map a drive and in the \\server location put instead \\companyweb\DavWWWRoot  That will expose the root of company web and from there you can set mapped drive letters straight to the company web.

Yes, it’s not as pretty, yes, it’s not as webified but for us in the stone tablet era of technology love to ensure that our folks that hate change, embrace change by making an easy and smooth transition.

Amy Babinchak of www.thirdtier.net reports that this works with a BPOS hosted Sharepoint as long as you enable Webdav on the Windows 7 workstation.

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