No the PC did not die yesterday

You know that Steve Jobs does PR well.  Even my Dad last night asked me about the iPad.  I told him about the chatter that the gals were not liking the name.

It struck me with the media frenzy that if Steve Jobs introduced toilet paper, I have no doubt the Scoble-ish people would stand it line to buy it.

The PC Officially Died Today | The New Republic:

The headline and hype of this post just makes me shake my head.  I do hope that the iPad (and dudes, as a gal I must say that the name IS lame) does catch on because there is a real issue of attention span deficit that our twitter world is generating in our young people.  The size of my local paper, the Fresno Bee keeps getting smaller and smaller and thinner and thinner.  People want a twitter sound byte world.  But life isn’t a twitter feed.  And sometimes comprehension only comes from reading.  And I’m not convinced the younger generation is reading and comprehending like they should.

So if it takes a tablet device to bring newspapers, books, textbooks to an afforable marketplace, so be it.  If it takes Steve Jobs to give his blessing on it, so be it.  But the idea that we just jumped a new hurdle in computing, oh pllllleaaseee, come on with the hype.  You are starting to go down the same road of financial divide between Wall Street and Main Street that is impacting Obama.  I’ll wait to see if that iPad makes it to Main Street and not just hyping it up Wall Street.  $400 is still a lot of money.  “It’s what you do with it, stupid”, should be the matra of any platform released these days.

2 Thoughts on “No the PC did not die yesterday

  1. ricknology on January 29, 2010 at 4:28 am said:

    What I find interesting is that your Dad asked about it. When I saw the iPad I of course want one but I thought my mom and inlaws would love this thing!

  2. I often have people asking me when I’m going to switch their corporate PC’s to mac because they hear all the hype and think they would work better and get no viruses. (especially now with the buzz of the ipad)

    My answer is “When macintosh’s can be managed in corporate environment as well as windows based PC’s”

    See that’s the nice thing about Windows–you can control security, patching, software installation, monitoring, etc. without having to buy third party software. Until Macintosh does this the PC will never die.

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