So on the list of annoying sounds is the “click/bamm” of clicking on links in IE8/Windows7.

What to know how to turn them off short of

a.  disabling the sound card

b.  sticking the audio on mute?

Disable Click Sound from IE in Vista and Windows 7:

Follow that.

Oh, I have another annoying sound entry.  Tweetdeck when you have a search column and it finds another hit.  It’s like a whistle-like sound.  It’s hard to describe but it is annoying.

2 Thoughts on “Want to turn off the sound for clicking on links in IE8/Windows 7?

  1. Susan,

    The Tweetdeck sound is supposed to be like a SONAR “ping,” I think

    Quicken and Quickbooks are annoying, the ONLY saving grace is that the cha-ching is usually the sound of money comin’ in.

    I’m very annoyed by some new linux installs where the BELL variable hasn’t been set. Any time you backspace to the beginning of a line in a terminal window makes the loudest, most annoying “BEEP” your system is capable of. Great fun in a dark, quiet house after everyone’s in bed…

    I used to HATE the Windows 95/98 startup sound.

    I also really dislike sounds that are misappropriated…my doctor’s office uses the default “new mail” sound for “transaction processed.”

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