Separating Pranks From Fraud on the Web –

Tomorrow (or today if you are in the AU) you will be bombarded with the April fool day jokes.  As that article points out, use tomorrow as your “Phish” test.  Can you spot which things are April fools and which ones are not?

Check yourself and ask yourself if what you are reading is too good to be true.

Online Security Center: Security alert – Phishing Alert for Intuit Small Business Customers– digital certificate:

If you get an email supposedly from Intuit telling you you need to install a digital certificate in order to continue to run your Accounting software, don’t install it. It’s a phishing scam.

We saw some earlier last year and we’re seeing emails floating around again this year.

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for March 2010:

For those that attended the SMBItPros event in Sydney this is one of those “out of band” patching events I talked about.

Tomorrow there will be an out of band IE patch that will not be on the regular patch Tuesday event.  That means they are seeing risk of infection out there and releasing it early.

Be prepared to test fast and deploy fast to workstations.

Do not test and deploy to servers.  Why?  Because we don’t surf on servers do we?

I see a lot of servers that don’t have update rollup 3 installed.  What’s that you ask?  It’s the SBS specific update rollup that ensures you can attach Windows 7 machines to your network.

Description of Windows Small Business Server 2008 Update Rollup 3:

The good news it fixes a lot of things.

The bad news is that I see a lot of servers that don’t have that installed. 

Way one is to flip your server over to Microsoft update.

Way two is to go into the patching section of the Console and look for KB969121 and approve it.

Let me show you way three.

First go to the Microsoft update catalog —

In the search box in the corner, enter 969121

You may be prompted for an ActiveX control.  Approve it.

Now see that KB969121 that showed up?

Click add

Now click on the basket icon at the top

Now you’ll get a download icon

Find a place to stick the update and click continue

And the download will occur

Now that patch is in your location to be put on a usb flash drive and taken from computer to computer.

#SMBITPRO – Twitter Search:

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