With today’s technology my life on the west coast is known ahead of time.  I feel like a mindreader at times.

I know whom the Bachelor chose before I see it on TV (VIENNA?  NO, way.  Really?!!  No way, man.  What was he thinking?!!  Over Tenley?)

I know who wins the Oscars before I rag on what they are wearing on the red carpet.

I know who win games before I watch them.

I’ve never seen Saturday Night Live really live.

Good Morning America is old by the time I get up.

My entire life has been filled with a tiny little subtitle of: [tape delayed for this time zone

Here’s another vote to be sent to NBC on the topic of just letting the  [tape delayed for this time zone]  to die a silent death.  Next time you do the Olympics (assuming you get to do the Olympics) just let it happen when it happens.  We’re big boys and girls now.  We time shift in our jobs all the time.   Adjusting as needed for conference calls and what not.  And if I decide not to get up at some ungodly hour to watch the Russian Olympics live and instead watch them on recorded TV or on the web later, let me.  But we shift TV shows to watch them when we want to watch them.  So design your next coverage to respect that we know how to time shift but there are times we want stuff live, as it happens.

And speaking of the web, what in the world did you do to your coverage web site?  I ended up buying some of the video on iTunes because much of it was gated behind a tie in you had with cable companies and I never could figure out what log in and password I was supposed to have.

If you’ll excuse me I have to go read up on what Jay Leno will do in an hour and a half.

One Thought on “This blog post is tape delayed for this time zone

  1. Dean on March 2, 2010 at 2:04 am said:

    “I’ve never seen Saturday Night Live really live.”

    No one has except the studio audience. It’s taped at 4:00pm EST on Saturday. Live in the SNL sense only means ‘taped live before an audience with no edits’. And I wouldn’t bet that there are no edits.

    What really ticked me off about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, which I watched every night, was that number one there were WAY to many commercial breaks. It was like two downhill skiers and six commercials, one downhill skier and five commercials. That really plays havoc with your brain. Just as you are starting to get into it there is a commercial break. But of course there were hardly any commercial breaks for the hockey game on Sunday. Number two they only showed 2 things streamed live on the web site. Hockey and curling. Why not have all of the events streamed live ? Even if only in prime time. You know why. Because then they can’t bombard you with all of the commercials ! I don’t have an HD tv so I wanted to watch on the web on my 1080p laptop. But no ! I had to watch live on standard def tv. When you see the breathtaking HD video on the web on a properly calibrated display it’s unbeleiveable. Then you look at a standard def tv and it’s like you took your glasses off. And one other thing. Make the online video so that you can select full screen and it’s really FULL SCREEN. Not with a big border around it so that I don’t get to use all of those 1080 x 1920 pixels and have to scale down to non spec HD resolution.

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