Desktop shortcuts disappear in Windows 7:

Vote on this please:  System Maintenance tool should not delete unused or broken desktop shortcuts | Microsoft Connect:

This will be one of the annoying rollout gotchas of Windows 7 I’ll be talking about at SMBnation East.  I’ve hit this twice in our office.  If you leave your computer on (and in SBS world we do) over the weekend, you come back Monday morning and your tax software icons are gone.  People in the office are still a icon on the desktop world.  I can change their OS out to anything and as long as the apps worked and the icons didn’t move they wouldn’t notice what OS I gave them.  (Yeah I’d have to ensure the background image was the same).

For now I’m turning off the system maintenance option because I can’t have the tax software icon be gone on Monday morning.  The shortcuts are not broken.  Windows 7 is being a bit heavy handed in my opinion.

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  1. Don’t have permission to your link.

    Yes, this is bad and presumptuous behavior (especially the “unused” bit), and we’ve been hit by it too. Problem with disabling it is that it does other things, too, a couple of which are important. I prefer to put it on troubleshooting only, in policy, since then it’ll apparently prompt the user. Details about this in the Mar 4 post here:

  2. Rosewood on March 13, 2010 at 3:08 pm said:

    To get my users away from desktop shortcuts I use their desktop as a metaphor. I take their keyboard and sit it on their phone and on important papers and I ask them if that is a smart way to use their desk.

    They of course say no. So I show them that they have places on their desks for the things they use the most and a drawer on their desk to get to the vast majority of their stuff instead of leaving it spread out over their desk’s top.

    Then I explain the computer is the same way. You have a desktop. Stuff can go on there but whatever you are working on gets spread out over it. Thankfully there is a nice drawer (start menu) and a place for the things they use all the time (quicklaunch back in the day, now pinning to task bar)

    Anyways, this is just a suggestion as one way to help people get out of that bad habit. The middle of march is probably not when you want to tackle that and I agree, there is still a problem. I’m just offering a method that has worked for me.

  3. The tool uses WMI to query shortcut target, and fails to get the target path of shortcuts pointing to shell folder and Games explorer shortcuts (returning “Null”).


    Which Files Does the Windows 7 System Maintenance Troubleshooter Delete? – The Winhelponline Blog:

    Gonna Vote!

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