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Harry at smbnation

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Microsoft Partner Network for Small to Midsize Business (SMB) Partners

If you are at SMBnation east there will be a SBSC townhall meeting.  If you are not here check out some upcoming webcasts: Note: There are two sessions of this presentation. To add an invite to your calendar, please open an attachment and click on Accept. WPG03PAL: Microsoft Partner Network for Small to Midsize Business […]

Eriq Neale on Kerio – Alternative SMB solutions Eriq’s talking about how he moved off of Exchange to Kerio in earily April and disabled Exchnage on SBS 2008 He’s finding that it is lower hard drive requirements means that his lower powered server is happier. He specifically talked about how he moved to Kerio Connect as of early April and is […]

Windows Intune at SMBnation East

Windows Intune at SMBnation East. Mind you it’s still in beta, and the beta has been closed but if you were interested in Intune go talk to the guys in the booth.

Today’s slide deck from SMBnation East

The deck for Dana and my presentation on Windows 7 in the real world is here: Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be following up with those who gave us business cards.

In the Blackberry keynote remember the Blackberry Express

In the Blackberry keynote and just a reminder to folks that Mariette has posted up info on how to connect a SBS 2008 up with Blackberry Express. Check it out.

Dealing with Change

The famous Ellis Island photo and the visit that Oli, Amy and i had yesterday to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is fitting for the “theme” of 2010.  Change.  There’s a great deal of change that we have to deal with and our customers have to deal with is huge this year.  Look […]

It’s about change management Check out the visibletweets web site to see what’s being talked about at SMBnation.  If you want to add your comments just add #smbnation to your tweet. In the keynote… and the comment is “It’s not about technology it’s about change management. Long term companies win by creating of their own market disruptions and […]

So if you are on the East coast — are you ready for SMBnation East tomorrow?

So if you are on the East coast — are you ready for SMBnation East tomorrow?  From Harry earlier today: Quick updates for you! ·         It all starts early Friday AM, so please check the schedule at so you are rested and ready to rock!·         My keynote address is 8:30AM and I suggest you take […]

SBS 2008 Update Rollup 4 Released (KB979454)

SBS 2008 Update Rollup 4 Released (KB979454) This update is also available for direct download from the following Microsoft Update Catalog Web site:   As I blogged before… this is a biggie and one you want on your box. If you have issues installing it. please post back, leave your email address.