Windows 7 tweak 8 – patching XP Mode, older apps

Unfortunately there’s no tweak for this.  XPmode is designed to be a single user crutch to get older apps to run.  So there’s no easy way to patch it.  I email the person that has it on their machine and on the weekend I patch, I tell them to turn it on and leave it on so my patching tools can reach it.

I personally find that most apps can run just fine in Win7.  If they put up a fuss, try editing the regestry location and also their folder location and open up the permissions. 

You may find with older apps you need to do this — After you turn on User Account Control in Windows Vista, programs may be unable to access some network locations

Sometimes you have to make the choice for the business and get the app running.

Chad blogged about it here.

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