In House Exchange vs Hosted Exchange Mail Services:

I think we have a bit of new math problem here. 

Okay so I spent 10 grand for a server.  But it’s a HyperV box that is running several servers, not just one.

I sure didn’t spend $15,000 for server, Exchange and blackberry licenses.  Dude, the Blackberry license is now free, and someone should be shot for not looking at SBS 2008.

There are times that hosted stuff makes sense and then there are those times that the cloud vendors are trying WAY too hard and not asking if there’s a key business app that needs an on premises mail server.

Bottom line it’s NEVER this easy of a numbers game.  Don’t be fooled by the hype.


In House Hosted
Fixed Costs
Server Hardware $10,000.00 $0.00
Server Software Licensing $5,000.00 $0.00
Exchange Enterprise Software $5,000.00 $0.00
Blackberry Server Software $5,000.00 $0.00
Consultant to Install Software $2,000.00 $0.00
Total Fixed Costs $27,000.00 $0.00
Monthly Costs
Exchange Cost per User (monthly) $0.00 $8.95
Consultant for Maintenance/Upgrades $200.00 $0.00
Total Monthly Costs over Year (Based on 10 users) $2,400.00 $1,074.00
Total for First Year $29,400.00 $1,074.00

See Office 2007.  See Office 2007 Standard.

Office Standard Home Page – Microsoft Office Suites – Microsoft Office Online:

See that it’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

See that you can buy it at Amazon —

Now see Office 2010.

See how there is an Office  2010 standard … S T A N D A R D.  You would think that S T A N D A R D in the 2010 era would be identical to the 2007 era.  You would be wrong.

Office 2010 S T A N D A R D is now only available via Open Licensing and includes

Microsoft Office Standard 2010 — only available via volume licensing



  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010 New addition to suite
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010 New addition to suite
  • Microsoft Office Web applications

See how there’s a new “Home and Business 2010″….  Okay… what eula does it have pray tell?

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 New!



  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010

This version of Microsoft Office Professional 2010 includes the software on disc, with a product key. It is licensed for one user to install on two PCs–a primary machine and a portable PC

Stevie… darhling… sweetie.  I know you are supposed to be the marketing genius of Microsoft but dude, can you please stop calling suites of products by the same name and then changing the contents?  I downloaded Office 2010 Standard at the office the other day thinking that it would be just the four main programs and then I saw that it was more than that.  Dude you are making Office buying way way more complicated than it should be.  Then as it was pointed out to me by fellow blogger Chad Gross.  Look at this page…  Go click on that main Office page.  See a problem there?  Like .. oh maybe that the entire page is still talking about 2007?  Okay okay so it’s not available from retail until June, but to business folks, it’s already out.

Stevie, sweetie, make it easy to buy your products.  Stop calling the different bundles by the same name between the years.  And lastly, post the eulas please so I don’t have to wonder what the eula really is for Home and Business edition.

How much RAM for SBS 2008?  Bottom line 4 gigs is just not enough.  8 gigs may work for some small firms, but as that thread in the spiceworks forum indicates… the range that many are using ranges from 10 to 16 gigs for the server.

16 gigs may be on the top end… but 4 gigs is just not enough.

Woody in the SBS forum posts up that if you are seeing KB978297 failing if you have Forefront installed on your SBS 2008 check out this info:

KB978297 has failed to install to several SBS2008 servers.  The solution is detailed in the link.

A blog has been written on the Forefront site

Note – that second link is missing in action.  I’ll see what happened to it and blog back.

Update… hang loose the solution posted to the forum is not recommended. Stay tuned for more info.

Small Business Server 2008 – Build document – TechNet Articles – Home – TechNet Wiki:

I’m in the VERY early stages of trying to gather up all the tips/tricks/tweaks/guidance on installing and setting up SBS 2008 cleanly.

So what do you think so far?  Feel free to ping me with suggestions or add your own comments to the document.

Revisiting how to get your Technet benefits that are now included in your Action pack

Step one — go here find your Technical contact ID

I blanked it out for security reasons but it should look similar to this

2.  Next step — go to Technet site and enter your Technical ID and the email associated with that.

You may activate your TechNet for Action Pack subscription by completing the following steps:
1. Visit the TechNet site.

2. Sign in as a first time user with your Windows Live ID associated with your Microsoft Action Pack Solution Provider subscription.
3. Enter your contact information and Benefit Access Number (Technical Contact ID**)
4. Accept the agreement to complete registration.
**To find your Technical Contact ID, sign into the Partner Membership Center:

Click on the Requirements and Assets tab and select Assign Contact Roles (your Technical Contact ID will be listed next to your name). At this page you can also add and change technical contacts within your organization

Apple market capitalization tops Microsoft | Betanews:

On a day that the Apple passed MS in terms of market cap we had a show and tell day at our SMB partner group meeting.  We demo’d my Sister’s iPad and found that we couldn’t project videos out the video connector to the projector as we got a warning regarding protected DRM media.

While it worked on the TV screen at home, it would not work on the projector at the office.  Weird.  We also talked about that survey that said 1 in 5 people planned to buy a iPad and we wondered if they asked that question on Wall Street during the lunch hour.  We also questioned where the people are that are buying them as we don’t see the millions of people walking around with iPads.

Somewhere in some big city there’s a group of people that are buying a lot of iPads.  It’s obviously not in the backwoods of Fresno.

Just opened– the new SBS forum.  So all you people that use Facebook as a tech support venue (which annoys me because it’s not searchable) please I’d recommend that you use the forum for your questions!

Windows Server Small Business Server Forum:

And don’t forget you can download and use a nntp bridge if you are forum challenged.  The current one I’m testing is here:
Community Forums NNTP bridge:

Community Forums NNTP bridge:

  • Replaces the MS NNTP Bridge completely
  • Unifies the access to social and answers forms to a single NNTP server (no two servers needed!)
  • Autologin and Autominimize
  • Converts “http(s)” links into html links, if posted in plain/text.
  • Thunderbird can display the article source code 😉
  • You can extend the “CommunityForumsNNTPServer.ArticleConverter” without the LiveID SDK; for compiling the whole source code, you need to download and install the Windows Live ID Client 1.0 SDK

For those that want to use a newsreader to access forums … try this version.