So who’s being surveyed?

There are times I wonder if the people doing the surveys survey real users.

Amazon Stealing the Cloud « SmoothSpan Blog:

“The majority of SMB’s now have a “SaaS first” policy, they prefer it. “   The majority of SMBs probably don’t know what SaaS is, or they think you are talking about Saab the car manufacturer.  The majority of SMBs have a “what’s cheap” policy. 

Now, however this survey I know they spoke to CPAs about — ” A lot of discussion among folks I talk to has centered around the idea that particularly accounting might be the last to go because there is little value add, the data is sensitive, yada, yada.”   Oh yeah, we’re the ones sitting back going … okay you prove it to me first that it’s safe and secure and then we’ll talk.  Yup we’re the ones with the accounting records chiseled into the granite waiting for this new fangled computing thing to settle down before jumping on board.

Seriously it’s all in how you ask these survey questions.  And I’ll bet they didn’t ask SMBs “do you have a SaaS first policy?”.

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