Hi, I work for Horse and Hound Magazine and my readers want to know…..

Hi, I work for Horse and Hound Magazine and my readers want to know…..

You remember that scene in Notting Hill where the character Hugh Grant is playing accidentally ends up being mistaken for the press and going through a press line for a SciFi movie stumbling along asking really  stupid questions?

Well.. that’s what it feels like being “press blogger” at the WPC.  I don’t get access to all of the meet the other partners section of the digitalWPC site, and I’m getting requests for meet ups from vendors.  

…so given that you are the readers of this “Horse and Hound” magazine (aka the blog)  I’ll give you the opportunity to decide which vendor you are interested in me meeting with so I’ll blog the invites I’ve gotten…

So here’s an invite I got today.. Rise (http://www.rise-partners.com ), a division of Fasthosts Internet Group.   Rise delivers hosted IT infrastructure solutions to channel partners, providing a new way for its partners to offer cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions directly to small to mid-sized business customers.   They will be launching at the WPC and will be wanting to talk to me about upcoming trends and business opportunities on cloud computing in the channel market.

So if you were wondering where Yoda was last night…

So if you were wondering where Yoda was last night… he had a problem with his external usb backup drive that was causing the server to have issue and then not to boot properly.  It’s been removed, a new one on order, and for now he’s backing up to 7of9’s external hard drive.

(yes I had to go an entire evening without blogging… oh the horror…)


VLSC … revisited

Okay so I have all of my old VLSC licenses hooked to my liveID of e_bitzie@hotmail.com.  It’s the one I use for authentication, but the email address is hooked to betas and now forum alerts so it’s not one that I want to officially have as the “business email” address for VLSC.  The other day I got the eagreement for the new …starting 7/1… VLSC license agreement.  And I had to set up a LiveID to match the business email address to accept the agreement.  Okay fine, whatever.  I guess I kinda can see that I need to officially agree to it with a live ID deemed to be my “business email”.  Okay fine.

But now I want to ensure that it goes back and hooks to the LiveId I’ve used for like umpteen years.  So today in trying to figure out how to add an agreement I’m told that because I have a larger agreement, mine doesn’t need an authorization, it will just show up on my VLSC log in.

Okay.. but … I accepted it with my other email address… how do I get it over to my LiveID one?  And dudes… it’s a SBS order.  Come on people… SBS is not a LARGE agreement order by any stretch of the imagination here… I’m a rounding error… always have been.  So I call VLSC and they tell me that when I log into the VLSC web site on 7/1 with my business email address it will just be there.

Okay…but how do I get it to show up with all my other LIveID Microsoft licenses. 

Oh no problem, just call SoftwareOne and tell them to redo your licenses to have the business email address match your hotmail/Live ID.  Now all of your VLSC notifications will go there. 

Okay …but I just use that LiveID for authentication, I’d rather not use it for notification. 

No problem then, go into the VLSC web site with your business email address and authorize the LiveID to have access rights to that license agreement.

Okay so log in first as the other me, giving the original me rights to the thing that shouldn’t be this complicated to buy in the first place?

This shouldn’t be the  this complicated to give Microsoft money.

How to backup a virtualized Small Business Server

How to backup a virtualized Small Business Server– READY for DISCUSSION – Tech Presales and Business News for Austrian Partners – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:


It’s not German but you can kinda figure out what they are posting about.  I use the native built in backup and backup the hyperV child as if it were a real box.  I just happens to pass out through to usb connected hard drives is all.

Buying a phone these days is hard work.

Buying a phone these days is hard work.  We went to the AT&T store and was looking for a nice easy phone for my Dad.  We were even looking to possibly do it as a family plan.  In the store, we were told that if we did a family plan we’d not end up saving a lot of money.  But then later using the AT&T web site we realized that the plans we were quoted was above the minute plans we used. 

We ended up ordering a phone online to add it to our plans.

At my office I have the folks well trained enough that they ask me now what phones will sync with the office.  But lemme tell you, it’s not easy these days trying to figure out what phones do and don’t.  iPhone yes.  Some of the LG’s yes.  Some no.  Androids yes… at least I think so…. Windows mobile, of course. 

So while it was a good thing to see the phones in person and know which ones we wanted to get for Dad, we ended up finding out more about the data plans and family bundling online.  Phone shopping is still way too complicated for something that should be lots easier.


Will the real live sync please stand up?



Okay so in trying to load up the new sync beta I just realized tonight that I installed the old one.  Or I think I did.  As when I go to mesh it directs me to the live essentials beta — http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-beta but the other day I downloaded Live sync thinking it was the replacement for Mesh and thought it was rather cludgy… now I think I downloaded the wrong replacement app.

Okay I’m downloading the live essentials beta and clearly the other day when I thought I was downloading the replacement beta and thinking it was a step backwards, I ended up installing the old program, not the replacement for Mesh.

Having similarly named programs is a tad confusing for sure.

Are you for sure going to hit the SharePoint issue?

Companyweb and SharePoint Central Admin not accessible after installing KB983444 – The Official SBS Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

On Facebook yesterday, Shaquile asked if he should patch for the SharePoint security update as he knew he would “have to spend hours to resolve the issues and I know that the clients are not going to pay for it!”

First off let’s set some expectations:

I can’t guarantee 100% that you won’t hit issues installing this SharePoint patch.  But I can’t guarantee 100%  that you WILL have issues.  On my production servers and on my test boxes, I could not get this update to fail.  And believe me, I TRIED.  Yet I have seen others that said that they have been hit by this.

Some questions to ask yourself… have you had patching issues with SharePoint on this server before?  I personally have always installed SharePoint updates all by themselves and separately from all other updates.  I don’t know if that helps, but for me it helps to narrow down any possible side effects.

Next … I’d honestly patch this when you have a plan to have other more “maintenance” type of updates.. such as Exchange 2007 sp3.  The security issue in this has a low risk in a SBS 2008 network due to how we don’t expose SharePoint to a public url.

Next for most of the folks, all you need to do is the psconfig command.  On a rare few, some need to watch that SharePoint Search service.

But bottom line, just because a security update comes out, doesn’t mean that it has to be done immediately, doesn’t mean that the risk is horrific if you don’t immediately patch and remember.. you can always evaluate the mitigation and do that instead.  Typically buried in the patch section is documentation of a mitigation that will keep you protected just fine in the meantime.

You can use the workaround in the security bulletin to block the help file until such time you patch it.  The workaround will protect you until such time as you are ready to tackle the patch.  The issue is with the help file on the box.  Change the access rights to that help file and voila… issue is mitigated.


To restrict access to the vulnerable Help.aspx, run the following commands from a command prompt:

cacls “%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Help.aspx” /E /P everyone:N

cacls “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Help.aspx” /E /P everyone:N

Do runas admin and remember it’s normal for the error message to occur on the Program Files (x86) because SBS 2008 is a 64bit box and the x64 version of SharePoint is installed.

Once the security is set, you can’t browse to that help.aspx file

When’s the last time anyone read the SharePoint help file anyway?  Risk mitigation.  Patch not needed for now.  Document what you did to the server to ensure you undo it when you ultimately patch, and there you go. any potential issue with patching right now immediately has been bypassed.

So keep in mind that just because there’s a known issue listed here… doesn’t mean you’ll hit it:


And keep in mind that just because there’s a patch, doesn’t mean you have to install it if you’ve taken the time to deem the risk acceptable or taken mitigations to remove the risk.

To undo it follow the workaround instructions again…

How to undo the workaround.

Run the following commands from a command prompt:

takeown /f “%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Help.aspx”

takeown /f “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Help.aspx”

cacls “%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Help.aspx” /E /R everyone

cacls “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\Help.aspx” /E /R everyone

When you run that command… you’ll undo the mitigaton and be able to see the security tab info again.

Did you know… about the SBS "classic" console?

Did you know?  I’m going to start a series of blog posts about parts of SBS 2008 you may not use or may not be aware of… one of them is the ‘other’ console.  SBS 2008 has a GUI console, but then there’s the other one… the one that has the native tools that you may use for certain tasks.


Called the Windows SBS Native Tools Management console it has the active directory users and computers, and ….

In particular it has the Computer Management/System Tools/Shared Folders/Open Files that I have to open up every now and then and deal with line of business app issues.


I typically make a short cut for this on the desktop

The Windows SBS Console of Windows Small Business Server 2008 may crash

The Windows SBS Console of Windows Small Business Server 2008 may crash, display “Not Available” for Other Alerts, or require a long time to display the Security and Other Alerts statuses:

For those of you that already did a SQL script in a blog post …. you’ll recognize that the KB is doing exactly the same as the post.

SBS 2008 Console May Take Too Long to Display Alerts and Security Statuses, Display Not Available, or Crash – The Official SBS Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:
You’ll want to ensure that one or the other is done to every SBS box.

Resources and guidance for Patch issues for Admins

Resources and guidance for Patch issues for Admins – TechNet Articles – Home – TechNet Wiki:

Raw still.  Rough, but I’m throwing up log file and patching information up on that Technet wiki page.

I need to dig up where all the SQL logs are located as they go all over the place as I recall.