I don’t get the VLSC web site.  They should be enticing people to WANT to pay money.  But every time I touch that site I want to go open source, deploy Apple or do anything and everything in my power to stop wasting my time with volume licensing.

Today I had to accept the new SA/renewal/reup volume licensing agreement and I tried to do so with the LiveID that I’ve used for the VLSC web site for the last 8 years (or as long as the eopen site has started using Passport authentication).

Hmmm…okay why can’t I use my LiveID here?

Your Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement has been created by your Microsoft Channel Partner and is ready for your acceptance and signature.  
1. First Time User of eAgreements – Accepting and Signing your Agreement :  
In order to review and accept your Licensing Agreement, please read the following instructions prior to clicking on the link below:
1. You will be prompted to sign onto eAgreements using a Windows Live ID – Your Windows Live ID must use the same email address that was used for this email notification [sbradcpa@pacbell.net]

Uh…. okay.. but you had said earlier that I didn’t have to have my LiveID match my business email address.  In fact when I called them on the phone back in December when I was locked out for over 30 days in the VLSC web site it was established then that all I had to do was to associate the LiveID with the VLSC web site.

a. If you do not have a Windows Live ID for this email address, you are required to create one. Otherwise you will be unable to accept and sign your Agreement. (For example, email notification is sent to [sbradcpa@pacbell.net], therefore, this user must sign into eAgreements using a Windows Live ID of [sbradcpa@pacbell.net]).
b. If you are signed into another website using a different Windows Live ID, you must sign out of this website prior to signing into eAgreements
 2. Once you have verified that you have the correct Windows Live ID, you are now ready to click the link to Accept and Sign your Licensing Agreement (Note: You will be prompted to accept the Terms of Use of the eAgreements site).

Need I remind you guys that it says “your business email address may be different from your Microsoft Live ID.

So I emailed the eAgreements folks and indicated that I had the same LiveID since about 2002 handling my volume licensing and I’d not like to mess it up using another one.

And they wrote back…

We understand the convenience of keeping one Live ID to use with multiple agreements. Please note that for security purposes, your eAgreement must be signed with a Live ID that matches the email address that the reseller listed on the agreement when it was created. If you would like to change the email address on your agreement to e_bitzie@hotmail.com, we will need to direct you to your reseller Software One, so that they can make this change. If you are willing to create a new Live ID with sbradcpa@pacbell.net, you may do so by following the steps below:

But Ma’am, we established back in December that you didn’t have to have them match they just had to be associated…. and there was a process to do so.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you are encountering with your eAgreement. Please be advised that the eAgreement acceptance process that you are being prompted to complete is unrelated to registration on the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), and this may be what can cause confusion.

To accept your eAgreement, you must use a Live ID matching the email address listed on your agreement by the reseller. This can be changed by contacting the reseller, Software One. To access an agreement on the VLSC website, you must register a business email address, but the Live ID that you sign in with does not have to be the same as this business email address.

At this time you may either ask your reseller to change the email address on your agreement to e_bitzie@hotmail.com to match your existing Live ID, or you may create a new Live ID matching sbradcpa@pacbell.net

But I don’t want another LiveID, I don’t want one hooked to sbradcpa@pacbell.net, I want to use the SAME, the one, the only, so I don’t have to remember multiple passwords and reset phrases, LiveID that I’ve used when buying volume licenses for the past 8 years.  I want to GIVE you money.  Why do you make it SO hard to give you money.

Okay I didn’t email back that last part about how hard it was to give them money… I gave up… after talking with Tom from Softwareone who talked be down from the edge of stubbornness, I set up a liveID.

17 pages of legal verbage to read later…why does this have to be so hard and so complicated?


2 Thoughts on “I don’t get the VLSC web site.

  1. Hey Susan,

    I’ve spent the last couple of months on a licensing push and as such have been spending a lot more time in VLSC than usual.

    your frustrations are definately mirrored here – it’s been a complete pain to use, and never seems to work as it should.

    Your particular issue with regards the email addressess seems to be the root cause of a lot of the problems…. I found it particularly frustrating-come-amusing that when I recently spoke to VLSC team with regards a client who couldn’t access their new OVS agreement. I was told that there were “known difficulties when the Live ID email address matches the registered email address”. This is remakable, since the eagreements2.microsoft.com site – where we actually create and have clients approve the OVS agreements in the first place – specifically REQUIRES that the client’s business email address matches the live ID they use to approve the agreement.

    The whole thing seems poorly put together and without any forethought whatsoever.


  2. There seems to be two seperate sites in question here. The VLCS site and the eAgreement site. The eAgreement site seems like a one time use site when you have to verify your identity with an agreement. Having to use the same e-mail address that you used to “sign” the agreement makes sense to me to verify who you are. You don’t mention which e-mail address that was.

    I guess the real problem here is using e-mail addresses as peoples identification. There has to be something better to use.

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