EBS 2008 Discontinuation General Info and FAQ

Download details: EBS 2008 Discontinuation General Info and FAQ:

Our decision to discontinue future plans for Windows Essential Business Server was based on several factors, but most notably in response to midsize businesses making a rapid shift towards technologies such as management, virtualization and cloud computing as a means to cut costs, improve efficiency, and increase competitiveness.  As it happens, those technologies are offered today through other Microsoft solutions, and midsized customers are adopting them, including Windows Server® 2008 R2, Microsoft® System Center, Microsoft Exchange Server, and the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). 

Yeah okay I know I live in the backwoods of Fresno, but I’m still finding the mid market folks in this area, not investing, holding back a bit, and not jumping to that cloud.  As many/all/the chorus says these days… you’d better check it out and have a plan otherwise your competitor will be talking to your clients about the cloud.  But even then, Microsoft doesn’t do customer service well enough to lead with BPOS.  And Intune ..also designed they said for mid market will be in beta…what… another year or so?

Maybe I’m the one that needs my head examined.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile for those of you that did offer EBS, there’s the document on how you can transition out of EBS.. the KB with the migration plan isn’t quite live yet.

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