Wireless router for the hotel?  Check.

Several different outfits so I can sweat and change (word from the folks that are there that it’s hot and humid)?  Check.

Laptop?  Check.

Aircard?  Check.

Tweetdeck set for #wpc10 searching?  Check.

Just checked in for the flight and paid the $25 to check one bag of luggage?  Check.

Watching www.digitalwpc.com tomorrow?  Check.

I’ll be flying out on the red eye tomorrow night (had an office committment and couldn’t leave early) so if the blog posts tomorrow and Tuesday are a little bleery you’ll know why.

Keynotes start at 6 a.m.

FTC Blogger disclosure:  Microsoft has offered to pay for and I accepted travel, lodging and pass for WPC.  Otherwise I’d be cheap and watching it on www.digitalwpc.com and following the #WPC10 hashtags on twitter.com.

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