Got lost on the way to Hybrid Cloud

I’m bummed.  I got lost (as usual) at the Wash DC convention center and arrived too late to enter the “Hybrid Cloud” presentation… the reason… the room was too full.  Obviously that’s a good thing for Microsoft that there was enough people interested in what Aurora was about that they overfilled the room.

It’s always of interest to hear…not the presentation.. but the questions from the people in the room.  Oh well, I had a nice coversation with Jeff Loucks and Suzanne Dansey in the hallway. 

But here’s some presentations I found online that may be of interest:

Aurora preview:

SBS v7:

Now keep in mind that the beta’s are not public yet.. but you can sign up at to be alerted when they are released.

FTC Blogger disclosure:  Microsoft has offered to pay for and I accepted travel, lodging and pass for WPC.  Otherwise I’d be cheap and watching it on and following the #WPC10 hashtags on  Fortunately today it’s much cooler so I can’t say I’m blogging from hot and humid DC this evening.

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