The Partner trust issue

Susan here from Horse and Hound Magazine….my readers want to know….

Or so it feels like when I’m invited in to Press Briefings that include folks from the ChannelProSMB and TheVarGuy and what not….

So in a Q&A with Jon Roskill the new channel chief (the new Allison Watson) and one of the question came up was about Partner Trust.  He said that they had gotten over that hurdle with partners and maybe I hang around with the paranoid crowd but I still think it’s a concern.  In the later Q&A with Evin Kelly (sp?) that is the BPOS product manager he acknowledged that the trust issue would still need to be worked on and was still an issue. 

I agree.  Microsoft may be less evil than Google but the partners need to trust Microsoft as much as the customer base has to trust the Partner.  He also acknowledged the other feedback that I gave, that partners dealing with BPOS were struggling with the exposure to the issues that may be happening should their customers call up and indicate there was a problem with the services.  In the old days of on premises you could remote to the server, check the status of services reboot as needed and with BPOS you can’t do that.  He acknowledged that that feedback was taken up and will be reflected in the next wave with more scripting and API exposure. 

Kevin Turner in his keynote this morning said that customer want to get out of upgrading and maintenance.  I think that is a wrong message to put forth.  There is STILL upgrades and maintenance on cloud services, maybe it’s just not ones that you control though is all. 

Microsoft needs you to get off the old versions of software (see slidedeck view below)

If it takes putting revenue via cloud opportunities they want that too.

Kevin Turner sees more revenue.  I see a lot of less secure workstations in that view.


FTC Blogger disclosure:  Microsoft has offered to pay for and I accepted travel, lodging and pass for WPC.  Otherwise I’d be cheap and watching it on and following the #WPC10 hashtags on  Fortunately today it’s much cooler so I can’t say I’m blogging from hot and humid DC this morning.

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