SBS 2008 | Configure Server backup | The wizard cannot retrieve backup settings:;en-us;2001010

SBS2008: WSUS 3.0 Self-update is not working, getting Event ID 13042:;en-us;2000598

Slow Connectivity for Outlook Anywhere and Sites that use the SBS Web Applications App Pool:;en-us;2000859

System State backup using Windows Server Backup fails with error: System writer is not found in the backup:;en-us;2009272

Backups fails with VSS Event ID 12292 and 11 on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2:;en-us;2009513

No VSS writers are listed when you run vssadmin list writers on Windows Server 2008:;en-us;2009533

SBS2008: No mail flow, Getting Event ID: 10003, Error: The type initializer for ‘Microsoft.Mapi.ExRpcPerf’ threw an exception:;en-us;2013890

RWW Returns Error “There is a problem in Remote Web Workplace. A logon error occurred: The data that the server returned is not valid..”:;en-us;2022997

SBS2008: Cannot browse OWA, Server Error in ‘/owa’ Application:;en-us;2024306

Some old KBs in there but some I don’t remember…

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