Oh #$%!.

Karrrrrreeeennnnn!!! I need your help!  Quickly!

Last week I dropped about a quart of high gloss white paint on the door, the steps, the cement, the ladder, the rose bush, the me.  All over the place.

And as it went kurplop on the pavement from the ladder that I was on, I was looking at the mess on the pavement and thinking I’d never clean up the mess.

It was all over the cement.  All over the bricks.  All over the rose trellis.  All over everything.  How in the world was I going to get it cleaned up?

I ran to get paper towels, my sister ran to get the hose and between the two of us we cleaned up the mess and got rid of the disaster. 

So why am I blogging about a painting disaster that got cleaned up?  Because the same is true in technology.  When you have a disaster you need someone else to help.  Someone else to be calm.  To help with the decisions.  Even if that “someone” is someone in the forums (see www.sbsforum.info or someone in your local smb partner group that you know you can lean on and call, or Jeff Middleton of www.sbsmigration.com to bounce migration messes off of,  have someone with a more calm head to deal with the mess you just made.

Because just like me on the ladder when you kurplop, you’ll need someone to help you see that messes are fixable.

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