SharePoint 2010 – the installation of this package failed

Elemental SQL: Stupid SharePoint 2010 Error:The Installation of this Package Failed:

Just a fyi .. in addition to making sure you have the right step 10 –

Make sure your SharePoint foundation download really is a full download.

If it isn’t a full 169MB… you don’t gots the full download..

Download it again or go to another computer and download it there.


One Thought on “SharePoint 2010 – the installation of this package failed

  1. Does anyone out there know what causes the download dialog to say complete when it really isn’t ? I have always wondered about that.

    It’s a really bad thing because it can happen to any file and you wouldn’t know you didn’t have the whole file unless you could run an MD 5 hash on it. I would think that the download code would be crafted to be extra careful about such things.

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