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Now that’s a pumpkin carving I can relate to. Now that’s a pumpkin carving I can relate to.

Is the time on your phone right? So if your Windows Mobile phone is off in it’s time, go to that page and download the DST patch over the air to fix it.  So why didn’t I just tether the phone and fix it that way?  Because I’m sitting out in the parking lot as they do carpeting in the office […]

Handy Debugging tools

…so I’m reading Windows Internals book by Mark Russonovich on the Kindle on a plane coming back from Dallas (and now out in the parking lot at the office waiting for the carpeting to be laid down) and there’s a grid of tools that are handy in debugging and other technical tasks.   Tool Image […]

An Open Letter to Hosted Exchange Providers

An Open Letter to Hosted Exchange Providers – Commentary news from Channel Insider: what other vendor do YOU want to see paired up with Aurora? Backup?  Exchange?  SharePoint?  What other add ins do you want to see?

Migration – it’s a process not a wizard

Susan,  Hello, MS. SBS Diva. Hope it is going great for you. I finally have 3 customers moving forward from SBS 2003. (1 is moving from STD. model). I have seen your name on a couple of “how tos blogs” I have read. Couple of questions for you: I assume you are a consultant for […]

Are you at a user group meeting tonight?

Are you at a user group meeting tonight?  I am at the Dallas SMB user group listening to Kerio Technologies. We already talked about how you don’t want to do snapshots of domain controllers in virtual machines.  We talked about how in SBS that they can be in journal wrap and we may not know it […]

Did you know? Do you know that you can connect a drive to a machine, run the wizard and put the image on a disk?  So if you can’t get the nic drivers working on a home server restore you can do it this way? Pretty cool, huh?

Dawn of a new day First off I don’t think the “Microsoft consumer brand” is dying.  A little dented maybe, but it’s going to take a long time to migrate to Ray’s vision.  Go walk into a best buy or Fry’s and the number of Windows PCs is still greater than any other platform.  Add to that the […]

Win7 sp1 Win 7 sp1 just put out a release candidate…. and Windows update just put out a servicing stack update getting ready for SP1. Just remember while you can remove this, it’s still a BETA.  Test accordingly.

Nothing about a small firm is simple

I think SBS has done a disservice in making active directory deployments easy.  Then when one needs to migrate one doesn’t realize that this isn’t a trivial thing.  For several years…ever since SBS can no longer to an inplace upgrade people have been asking for an easier migration.  Something simple.  But we’re overlooking the obvious.  […]