This is a very off topic post.  But hey, it’s my blog.

The other day a disturbing incident occurred where a young man was shamed into taking his life.  And I really start to get concerned that the young people of today (because, hey, I’m in that “ma’am” category now, so I must be old), are getting more and more desensitized to people given the online world we live in.  It’s always been said that people say and do things online that one wouldn’t normally do in person.  You are louder.  You are more opinionated.  You are more.. well just the volume is turned up.  And when I see a young person these days they are texting, emailing, cell phoning and while they are communicating, I’m not really sure they are COMMUNICATING, if you know what I mean.  They are just blasting away with little thought of what is said, and what might occur.

Our pop artists even write songs on the topic doing wild things and ending up with them online.  Back when I grew up, and maybe I was naive, but my Mom would hear stories about what innuendos were in songs and I never figured out until much later what a song meant mainly because you never understood the lyrics while the person was singing it in the first place.  Now it’s pretty obvious from the get go what many of these songs mean and there’s no mistaking the words[And as an aside Sesame Street and Elmo should have known what they were getting into with Katy Perry from the get go and should have known that it would bring controversy.]  Do we have to bring the “Internet kind of sensitivity” to everything we do in our world now in order to get noticed?

The opening of the “Facebook movie” (that I have not seen yet but plan to do so), and keeping an eye on Danah Boyd’s blog just makes me wonder sometimes if we are raising a generation of kids that don’t have a proper set of boundaries of privacy and of behavior. 

Did our parents say the same thing about us and our use of… mechanical pencils and swapping notes?  Back when Mozart was in the 1878 top twenty countdown hosted by Ryan Von Seacrest, did the Parents of that day worry about what Wolfgang and his gang were doing to their children?  Was the Quill pen seen as being something that brought a lack of privacy?  Did Parents make sure they read all of their kids parchment?  We always say the more things change, the more they stay the same, but I wonder sometimes if technology is removing a little bit more of our humanity than we think.

Okay so bottom line, I’m a fuddy duddy.

Like I said… it was off topic for sure…

2 Thoughts on “Okay so I’m a fuddy duddy.

  1. Chris Seiter on October 5, 2010 at 10:32 am said:

    I was the target of bullying in high school and it was just a fact of life then. High school was supposed to suck, but the line has been crossed, and for the most part the kids are too young to know any better about the consequences of their actions. Some do, but some have no one at home that can/is willing to teach them.

    It’s a shame we live in a time when parents would rather be a friend than a parent. I was able to get “primary” custody of my daughter because of this and other circumstances. She does not have a Facbook account like her younger (under the age of the EULA) cousins, any internet usage is done in the family room where it can be seen, I look at her homework every night, she unloads the dishwasher and has other chores, I know what tv programs she watches because I watch them with her; when she asks “why” my usual response is quoting my parents: “My house, my rules”. It’s a novelty now but when I was growing up that was just the way it was. Don’t get me started on the “everyone wins at soccer entitled generation” either.

    You sound like you’d be a good parent. 🙂

  2. That She Bop song had me fooled for years. I thought it was just a stupid little ditty of a dance song. She bop, boo bop, bop bop. Catchy, but who would bother to spend brain time thinking that it had deeper meaning ? They haven’t played that song publicly for like 20 years now. All they play is Girls Just Want to Have Fun which after the fiftieth listening just wanted to make my ears bleed.

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