Now that Solution’s Pathway is discontinued, what are my upgrade options?

“Solutions Pathway was established to offer businesses who wished to migrate out of a qualifying server solution into the stand-alone components a tiered discount to acquire such software licenses.  Since then, we’ve received significant input from customers and partners who prefer the Open License programs over the Solutions Pathway program.  Unlike Solutions Pathway, the Open License programs give customers such options as pay as you go models, low upfront costs, easy access to software media and product keys, the ability to order downgrade media for the prior version of their licensed products, and the capability to manage their Volume Licensing agreements all in one location.  Additionally, customers enjoy the predictability of a single program and the Open License program offers customers a consistent way to acquire their Microsoft software licenses; from desktop to server.  For more information regarding the open License Programs, please visit Licensing Options for Small and Midsize Organizations.”

I’ll take “We never could find the dang thing and it was confusing” for $1,000, Alex.

Dear Steve…. just make it easy to buy software in the SMB space and don’t make it so that I have to talk to 400 trillion MS v-dash people that know less about licensing than I do?  Take for example the poster child of “how the heck do I buy it’ — Forefront.  Both Forefront for exchange and Forefront on the desktop are the most confusing things of software MS has to offer, yet it’s what they tell us small biz folks with a seat count of greater than 10 to buy.

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