We bought my Mom a phone a bit back.  Just a phone.  No IM, no texting, no photo, no camera, no jailbreaking, we just need an easy to use phone.  And pay per use since she just needs it for emergencies.  And we’re close except for one annoying thing. 


The phone locks up every now and then.  So tonight I called and turned off text messaging as it appears to only occur after she receives a text .. invariably about the weather which she doesn’t care about.  You see we couldn’t find a phone that is just a phone.  So we got one that is a camera, does texting and a bunch of other stuff.

So we will see if that fixes it (I think it will as that seems to be the trigger).  So for all of those using the LG Prime… you sure you really need text messaging?

One Thought on “I don’t think Mom text messages

  1. Does anyone other than me wish that sometimes we could go back and use the old ATT big clunky phone that worked EVERY time and you could throw it on the floor and it didn’t care and it didn’t need firmware updates ( you should see if the LG Prime has new firmware available ) or dual core computers and you couldn’t here other peoples boring, irritating phone conversations because they could only use the phone in thier OWN home.

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