Who da thunk?

Sometimes we get too tied up with stuff.  With acquiring stuff.  With doing stuff and never slow down enough to take stock of the little things like Sunlight.  Air.  Birds.  People.  Loved ones.

In this cynical and non personal, myspace, twitter and facebook world we live in there was something that happened yesterday and today that I honestly thought I’d never see….

Who da thunk.

And who da thunk that technology would bring hope to the people both below and above.  It was too nerve wracking to watch the video live for too long.  I kept thinking a Die Hard Jerry Bruckheimer thing would occur.  The cable would snap plunging the cage back into the ground.  The last rescue worker would get stuck or something.  But nothing like that happened.  The wire went up and down.  The men got out. 


One by one the men and their families reunited and we found out a little nugget as each one came out, including someone who kept that wikipedia listing up to date as each person was rescued.

And six brave guys (you would never get me in that small capsule going down no sirrreee) helped 33 people back to the ground and made all of us remember that sometimes anything really and truly is possible.

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