XP – Error: WshNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives (Caused by KB982802 and KB2360937)

Somehow this process needs to be easier than this.

XP – Error: WshNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives (Caused by KB982802 and KB2360937):

XP and scripts that include mapped drives to SharePoint are having issues after two recent patches. 

One of the comments there “We’re having the same problem here.  Hopefully we’ll see a hotfix soon!” …unless Microsoft knows about the issue you won’t see a hotfix soon.  This is the reality of issues with security patches.  Until they can repro it, they can’t fix it.

So just like the USA centric American elections this year… standing up and being counted really does make a difference.  Don’t assume someone else has called in the issue (or voted). 

Sorry for blending politics with tech, but sometimes we need to be reminded that if we wait for someone else, it may not get done.

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