Planning on SBS 2011 Essentials (Aurora) or any other cloud service?

Planning on SBS 2011 Essentials (Aurora) or any other cloud service?

Check that out.  And believe it or not it works better on Chrome than on IE.

(This is at home, the speed at the office is worse 🙁


The SBS 2008 Migration Preparation Tool (Source Tool) keeps reporting that the server is in Journal Wrap error

The SBS 2008 Migration Preparation Tool (Source Tool) keeps reporting that the server is in Journal Wrap error – The Official SBS Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

Ever had a SBS box run out of room on the C drive?  It’s probably in journal wrap.

What is journal wrap?  When the Active directory of the box won’t be able to replicate to another machine.  Why is this VERY important?  Because you need it to migrate.


Tweaking Exchange 2010

Tweaking Exchange 2010 for AuthAnvil… guess what… is the same instructions:

Scorpion Software Blog: Allowing AuthAnvil to send email on SBS 2008:

Tweaking Exchange a bit

So you go into SBS 2008 and set it up so that WSUS will alert you and email regarding sync reports and what not and you get….
















11/29/2010 9:56:30 PM


Inbound authentication failed with error LogonDenied for Receive connector Default SERVER. The authentication mechanism is Ntlm. The source IP address of the client who tried to authenticate to Microsoft Exchange is [].

And you get this:

Hmmm what’s up with that?  Well it turns out the exact same instructions to get AuthAnvil to email out is the same info you need for WSUS.

Scorpion Software Blog: Allowing AuthAnvil to send email on SBS 2008:

So what did you buy online today?

So what did I buy online on Cyber Monday?  Nothing. 

I did buy something unusual tonight at Fresh and Easy.  I had seen it last week when I was there and thought…nah… I don’t need it and tonight when I was at the store again, went “Okay, it’s English, my Mini Cooper comes from England therefore I should just buy it!”

One has a name of Spotted DickNo I’m not making that up [edit:  Funny.  The blog spam filter is filtering out what it’s actually called. So click on the link and you’ll see it’s really called that]   That’s what it’s called.  The other one is treacle pudding.

Gotta love the British, they have funny names for stuff.

Sometimes a nice reboot.

Volume Shadow Copy Service information: The COM Server with CLSID E579AB5F-1CC4-44B4-BED9-DE0991FF0623 and name Coordinator cannot be started. [0x8007041d]

Sometimes with backup, a nice reboot fixes things up.  Just saw that on a server, rebooted, restarted the backup and all was well.

Larry Struckmeyer is working on a Backup article for the SBS build doc –  Check it out!

With and without DE

This is one of those times I’d love to have parallel universes.  I’d love to see with and without the DE decision.
From a thread in the Vail forums… a reminder that DE2 wasn’t the perfection it is thought to be… A poster in the forum recapped how DE2 had issues:

“Why was DEv2 fundamentally flawed? Its been reiterated on these forums numerous times, but to recap.

DEv2 had massive overhead. Data protection required a 60% decrease in total storage space. That was simply unacceptable to anyone with a large storage library. Yes, 2TB drives are cheap, but that still doesn’t mean I’m willing to sacrifice 14.5TB of my 24TB array for data protection. Even someone with a modest 4 drive, 8TB config would be making large sacrifices here…

DEv2 was unsafe without data protection. Yes, it had additional ECC. But the 1GB “chunking” mechanism essentially turned your storage into a giant RAID0 array, where any SINGLE drive failure would result in data loss.

DEv2 had appcompat issues. These were being chased down all the time. Everyone remembers the nightmare that was V1 appcompat, with certain applications being deemed “unsafe” and people loosing email and photo libraries.

Bottom line. The primary goal of any storage system is to prevent data corruption, and keep your data safe. RAID has been doing this for decades, and is now easier to use than ever. I strongly suspect OEMs are simply going to sell servers with RAID protected storage, configured out of the box, and be done with it.”

The decision to nuke DE, while not a KIN, Response Point, Microsoft accounting or any of the other nuked projects of late, still feels like it’s impacting the passion of Home Server big time.  Understandably so.  Folks who build add ins on Home Server are already indicating that they aren’t sure they will build an add in for Vail as a result of the DE pull. 

I see folks say that small firms will be sunk without DE, but with DE2, I see them with risk of data loss as well.

Bottom line I don’t think DE2 was as wonderful as people think it was.  It still sucks that it was pulled, but I don’t think DE2 was perfect.

I have this saying, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade.  I’m still hoping that there’s some lemonade in our future.  Time will tell.

RSS/TOE and Exchange 2010

Processor 0 increased CPU utilization – Mike Lagase – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

This is one of those settings that I will have to play around and see what is right for SBS 2011.  RSS/TOE is of those settings that it will have to earn back my trust after losing it so much in the Windows 2003 and 2008 era. 

First included by default in Windows 2003 SP2 (and Mark Crall can even remember that lovely incident), it has a history of not playing nice nice with Exchange.  Granted a SBS box isn’t going to have the processors that big hunking Exchange servers do… but this setting is one I think I’ll be checking on and getting some guidance from other brain powers.


Now that’s a hard drive

Is that cool or what?  🙂


Want your web cam to email you photos?

So if you want to add a bit of paranoia to your life, with that software (on Vista/Win7 choose app compat of XP sp2) and a standard run of the mill web cam you can set up a motion detection web cam that emails out. 

But on a SBS 2008 you do need to adjust the settings a bit.

You had to follow that, go to Server Configuration > Hub Transport and under Actions choose New Receive Connector (mind you if you have Exchange 2007 sp3 with rollup 1 you’ll need to remove rollup 1 for now or add the Schema component of Exchange 2010 sp1 ) and then you set up so that just a certain IP address can relay out.

Then go into the properties of the connector and change the authentication so that the application can relay out.