So that was Apple’s announcement?

Apple finally brings Beatles to iTunes; does it matter? | ZDNet:

I’ve had Beatles on both my iTunes and Zune for a while now.  I bought them.  And I like it that way as it has no DRM stuff attached to them and I can do whatever/install them on whatever/listen to them on whatever I want.  I’m starting to more and more just outright buy what I want because  the DRM of iTunes is annoying.

This is worthy of a Press Conference?  For a bunch of geezers like me who like the Beatles on their iPod or Zune?  And who probably already bought it or downloaded from a bittorrent already? 

Not really.

One Thought on “So that was Apple’s announcement?

  1. Songs purchased in the ITMS haven’t had DRM for some time. Also, in the eyes of the music people, you aren’t purchasing anything even if it is on a CD. They too feel that you are licensing it.

    We are all to familiar with that line of thought…

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