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Happy New Year 2011

Happy new year to all…. we headed down to LA on the train today!

Step nine – making an Answer file

Create a migration answer file for Windows SBS 2011 Standard migration. An answer file is used by Windows SBS 2011 Standard Setup to automate the installation and run Setup in migration mode. This section introduces you to the migration answer file and guides you through using the Answer File Tool to create the migration answer file. […]

Step eight – Planning on those line of business applications Plan to migrate line-of-business applications A line-of-business (LOB) application is a critical computer application that is vital to running a business. LOB applications include accounting, supply-chain management, and resource-planning applications. When you plan to migrate your LOB applications, consult with the LOB-application providers to determine the appropriate method for migrating each application. You also […]

Migration step seven – Installing the migration prep tool So now you are ready to run the migration prep tool Insert Windows SBS 2011 Standard DVD1 in the DVD drive on the Source Server. When the Windows SBS 2011 Standard installation wizard starts, click Install the Migration Preparation Tool. Choose the most recent version of the tool to install. You need Powershell and the MS […]

Source tool run but the server says it hasn’t?

A fyi in case you hit this error.  The migration process kept getting stuck and demanding that the source server tool had not been run on the source server…but yet it had. SBS 2008 Migration Error: Turns out there was issues with the dcom communication: Analysis ======= From the LOG SNIPPET of the first […]

Last call for EBS migration kits

Reminder that December is the last month to order the Windows Essential Business Server Migration Kit – Windows Essential Business Server Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs: End your 2010 by ordering your kit tomorrow!

So where’s the docs to go from SBS 2008 to SBS 2011?

Coming in January.  Along with Word doc versions of the migration stuff. So for now both you and I will be reading/practicing and blogging about SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 until then.

Migration step six — being on time Show me a failed migration from a physical box to HyperV and I’ll show you a time zone/time sync to an external source problem. The installation of Windows Small Business Server 2008 on a Hyper-V virtual machine fails if the time zone of the virtual machine differs from the time zone in the parent […]

Migration step five – getting Exchange into shape  Optimize Exchange Server 2003 mailbox sizes Migrating large mailboxes from Exchange Server can take a long time. To save time, reduce the size of the mailboxes before the migration. Send an email message to users with the following instructions about how to empty the Deleted Items folder and archive older mail: Show me a small […]

Resetting a password

So you have a SBS server you can’t remember a password for?  (okay so like it’s a case of too many betas … there’s a beta image I can’t remember a password for) There’s a lot of ways to reset a password on a DC This isn’t “hacking”… this is law 3 of computer security […]