Kevin Royalty offers up a guest post today about HP Alerts on your SBS 2008 (or the upcoming SBS 2011)

“This post continues my previous post about SBS and the HP Smartstart/Proliant Support Pack.  That post is referenced here:

Now that you have all the HP drivers/firmware up to date and installed, you might want to get alerts if a problem arises.  Here is how you configure the HP alert agents to talk to Exchange 2007.

In SBS 2008, open the Exchange Management Console.  under Server Configuration on the left, select the Hub Transport.  In the bottom center select the Receive Connectors. 
You want to create a new Receive Connector.  Examine the screenshots below and make your connector match.

Note that in this screenshot, the IP address below is the SBS Server’s IP address.  Note that if you have multiple HP servers, you can add their IP addresses here as well.

The following 2 screenshots are important.

Ok now that this is done, you need to restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service, and continue with configuring the HP services below.

To configure the HP Services, click START, HP Management Agents, and click Event Notifier Config.  Note that if you have multiple HP servers, you’ll be doing this on all the servers.

I’ve left out the first screen, so simply click to get the screen below.

You need to make sure you use the Internal Domain Name of your SBS Server in the Mail Server field above.

Now click next and you will want to add a recipient.  The recipient can be internal or external or both.  it can also be a distribution group.  Add as many as you need.

When you are finished, you should see something like below.


By default, all the Events are selected – no need to change anything there, but feel free to look at them if you wish to see ALL the ones that could generate an alert.  Please test to make sure you get an alert.  If you have a dual power supply, that is an easy one to test by pulling out a power cord. “


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