So I have technet but I can’t see SBS 2011?

So you don’t have Technet for Action pack?

First check to see if you SHOULD have Technet for Action pack.  If you are a SBSCer/or signed up for Action pack you should have it… you just may need to hook your Action pack to your Technet.

Two folks when to the Technet chat and chatted with”Santa Kevin”

You are now chatting with ‘Kevin Liu’.

Kevin Liu: Thank you for contacting the TechNet Online Concierge.  Please give me a moment while I review your question.

Kevin Liu: Please follow the steps:

Kevin Liu: 1. Go to the following link and sign in with your Windows Live ID

Kevin Liu: 

Kevin Liu: 2. After login with the Live ID, fill out the profile center if required. In the process of authenticating a subscription, you will be prompted to enter your registered information: First name, Last name, Email, and Benefit Access Number. After that your TechNet subscription is associated with the login passport.  

Kevin Liu: 3. Click “Ok” to confirm that you want to assign this subscription with system the live ID even it has already associated with another passport.  

Kevin Liu: 4. Click “Cancel” to confirm that? you don’t want to add another subscription.

thank You


But if you just have Technet… not to fear… Santa will come to you next week…

 I’m trying to understand why the links for Small Business Server 2011 keys and downloads are unavailable…they are available for SBS 2008

Kevin Liu: At the moment, Small Business Server 2011 only available for two special TechNet subscriber (for partner). But please do not worry, SBS 2011 will be released to all TechNet subscribers later this month.

Kevin Liu: The specific date is 24th December 2010.

That said next time you might want to consider Action Pack with Technet.  The price tag isn’t that much higher.  You’ll need it to be a SBSCer.  And it gives you access to not only the Technet resources, but the extra licenses and stuff of Action pack.


2 Thoughts on “So I have technet but I can’t see SBS 2011?

  1. Thank you for the update

  2. Thanks Susan, this “fixed” me,don’t know what the SBS community would do without your diligence

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