Step nine – making an Answer file

Create a migration answer file for Windows SBS 2011 Standard migration. An answer file is used by Windows SBS 2011 Standard Setup to automate the installation and run Setup in migration mode. This section introduces you to the migration answer file and guides you through using the Answer File Tool to create the migration answer file.


Next up is the step where you build an answer file.  While the setup in SBS 2011 is slightly different than SBS 2008 where it stops and asks if you are doing a clean install versus a migration – no need to try to guess when exactly the server wants that usb flash drive anymore – you still need to build this answer file.

It’s also where you see the difference between the Microsoft migration path and the www.sbsmigration path.  As it’s here where in the MS way your resulting SBS 2011 server will end up with a different name than the SBS 2003 it migrated from along with a different IP address.  However using the method, you’ll build a temporary DC that sucks over the AD information from the old SBS server, and then you’ll build the final migrated server  with the same name as the original SBS 2003 server (ergo why it’s called swing migration)

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