In the Exchange Management Console navigation pane, click the Recipient Configuration node, click Move Request. Clear all move requests after they are marked as complete.

So I let the move mailboxes run and got up in the morning and the screen said “queued”.  Still? 

Jeeze.. how long does it take for this thing to move?

Well it’s like this… it appears that this doesn’t ‘refresh’ too well.

If you click on the properties of the moved mailboxes you will see it really HAS moved.

If you hit refresh the screen will indeed say it’s complete.

Now you need to clear off all of those requests as they are complete.

Mind you, you can clear all of them at the same time by clicking all and then clicking the “clear move request”.

So I have to tell you this is the worst part of the migration.  I swear that the Exchange team are secretly funded by hosted Exchange vendors to make this process as horrific as possible to push you to hosted Exchange.  Ever seen the guys at Kerio boast about their upgrade process? 

I can’t imagine even the Enterprise Exchange folks think this is a walk in the park… but maybe they do as this is the third time now we’ve had to do this “move mailbox” stuff.  There is NO inplace upgrade and the main reason is that now three times in a row the Exchange database schema has changed.  Forget about the fact that we’re moving from 32 to 64, you can no longer plop down an Exchange database from version to version and do what used to be called “forklift”.

So this to me is the huge mountain of the project, harder than moving raw file data and harder than moving SharePoint mainly because I just drag the contents over and redesign SharePoint.  More of those next… But mailboxes are moved and it no longer says Legacy anywhere..

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